Mike Baron and Pat Broderick present one of the weirdest westerns that comicdom has ever seen… 

During a card game, Confederate veteran Harley kills Brad Knorr in self-defense. Knorr’s father Wilfrid, a powerful land owner, raises a posse, forcing Harley to flee to the remote mining town of Cobb’s Gap at the base of the Canadian Rockies.

Cobb’s Gab is unusually peaceful. Sheriff Stjepin Dukic is unusually hairy.

Harley rents a room from young widow Nika Grahovac, who emigrated from the same Croatian town as the sheriff. Nights are quiet, card games polite.

No one goes to the old silver mine. There’s something there… something in the shadows. And when Knorr’s posse arrives, all the secrets of the town of Cobb’s Gap will be exposed.

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